Five Simple, Spiritual Things in 2019

When I look back at the younger me, I am horrified at my lack of diligence.  I am not the poster boy for it now, but I have improved some over the years.  My wife has been a great example for me, when she sets her mind to accomplish something, she gets it done.

This time of the year, some folks make New Year’s resolutions that often fall flat by February.  (Oh well, I’ll finish this post later…  Second thought, I better just do it!)  I am not one to set New Year’s resolutions.  I just need to do the simple, spiritual things with diligence.

There are five disciplines I want to encourage you to be diligent about in your spiritual life.  These five things, if done faithfully, will do you more spiritual good than ten $14.99 books you may read, a $150 flash drive sermon series, or a $300 conference you may attend.

  1. Read through the Bible. Too many people think they need to be moved by the Spirit before reading the Bible or they want to skip and hop through different passages.  I have been reading through the Bible every year for about 30 years or so and it is one of the best things I do.  Just do it in 2019, it’s not that difficult.  (You can download/print our Bible Reading Plan by clicking here.  It will take you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice but you can use as little or as much as you like.)
  2. Spend time with God. You can call it prayer, worship, quiet time or spending time with God but make it a priority.  Talk to God and give Him space to talk to you.  Silence your smart phone, get away from the herd, shut out the noise, and listen to the heart of God.
  3. Give.  Give of your treasure, time, and talent to the work of God and the good of mankind.  Give purposely, regularly, and significantly.  Everyone has something to give.  To say you do not have anything or enough to give is a lie you have told yourself.
  4. Fellowship with God’s people. Show up consistently.  So, some church did not meet your expectations or worse, did you wrong.  Get over it already!  I have been in ministry for over 35 years; “Can I show you my scars?”  Don’t let a few bad apples take your focus away from the bountiful harvest of God.  I love the fellowship, lessons, and accountability of the local church!  You can’t love Jesus and hate His bride!
  5. Serve.  The servant is the greatest position in the Kingdom of God (Matthew 20:25-28).  You want the greatest blessing, do the thing no one else wants to do.  God sees and He rewards!  In the Kingdom of God, if you are not willing to clean the toilet or the puke in the nursery then you are not a candidate to lead a thousand in worship or preach to five hundred.  Take off your royal robe, put a servant towel around your waist, and wash some dusty feet.

If you do these five things with joy in 2019, you will be the talk of Heaven.

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

New Life Christian Center

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