Goodbye Ole Okra

My old lover of hot summers is about to fade as the sunny hours grow fewer and the hot begins to turn toward cold. I am a son of the South, so I love okra, that odd vegetable that fills our summer plates and occasionally takes some space in our soups. Our Louisiana cousins put it in gumbo, and we love it too.

Our regional preferred dish is breaded and fried. I am one of the odd ones who also loves it boiled, leaving it slimy and slick. It chews easy and goes down quick.

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Yesterday’s Door is Shut!

Regret is a bad dream on a never-ending replay loop. I think most of us have some of those past events or choices of which we regret. “I wish I hadn’t done that!” or “I wish I would have made a better choice there!”

I know this is a rhetorical question, but I must ask it anyway, “Can we go back and change it?” Of course, the answer is an emphatic, “NO!” There is nothing we can do to change the decision or the action of the past. That door is shut and cannot be opened.

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Something To Live For

If you look around to the craziness around you, you could easy get depressed and say, “What’s the use?” People in every era and in most lives lived could say at one point, “What’s the use?”

Throughout every point of history there have been people who have given up even though they had it relatively easier than most people around them. The difference was their lack of hope and purpose.

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I Shine My Own Shoes

I recall as a small boy from the age of six or seven knowing how to shine my own shoes. Since that time, the only time I remember paying for a shoeshine was in Haiti and then only to help an industrious village youth trying to make a few gourdes.

Independence is probably a fault of mine. I had rather do something myself than to ask someone to do it. This has been one of my faults in life, not delegating tasks.

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Mindset of Jesus

Why do you think like that? We all have a pattern or direction of thought. Our minds are directed from something and directed to something. We all have a worldview, meaning our thinking is based on a set of principles or from a certain standpoint.

In Paul’s letter to the Philippian Church, he encouraged them to have the “mind of Christ”. If we think that having the mind of Christ is a far jump for us, consider that the Greek word in Philippians is a verb meaning to be minded in a certain way. It is like having our thinking oriented like Jesus or the direction of our thoughts and life is like Him.

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A Tsunami of Conviction

Powerful word from fellow blogger and sister in Christ, RuthAnne Henley. This is what America needs.

Walking Beside the Boat by R.G.Henley

Last night, as if in a dream, my spirit went walking along the shoreline. I looked out at the wide expanse of the ocean, and it seemed I could see the waters recede. The rocky depths were exposed. I heard a voice praying, and realized it was my own.

“Father, in Jesus’ name, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, send a tsunami of conviction rushing over this nation and cause us to see that the rebellion seething among us is contrived by spiritual forces. Open our eyes to see that it is the enemy who is turning us against each other. Help us to understand that it is not a matter of one camp or party rising against another, but we are raising our fists and slinging our curses into Your holy face. It is against You that we are raging. Let that knowledge come surging over us…

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