Journey Update – July 2018

We arrived home from Haiti a little less than two weeks before the protest started and the airport closing for a several days.  There were a number of mission groups who were delayed in their return to the US.  Life in Haiti seems to be returning somewhat to normal but the anger toward the government is still brewing hot.

About a week ago here in the United States, we celebrated Independence Day complete with cookouts and the usual summer activities.  I hope we did not take its meaning or the blessings we enjoy for granted.  We are so blessed to live in a great country and we need to be reminded again, America did not happen by accident.  I have read a lot of history in the last two years and I always close the latest book amazed at the sovereignty of God in our story.  From one who wanders from our shoreline several times a year, let me say, “It really feels good to land back in the USA!”  God bless America!  We have a lot of critics from our own citizens but even with our current problems, this is still the land of opportunity, liberty, and blessings.
Jeremy Owens and I returned from Haiti on June 25th after a week in the village of Bossier and the city of Leogane.  We believe this was Jeremy’s fourth trip to Haiti and I was happy to hear him say it was one of his best trips ever.  We participated with Pastor Baptiste and the church celebrating the nineteenth anniversary of the church.  They had two weeks of meetings each night leading up to the celebration on Sunday, June 24.  Jeremy preached on Thursday night and I preached on Sunday morning.  While in Haiti, we also participated in a baptism and a wedding.  Jeremy said one of his favorite activities was walking through the village and talking with the people.  We visited almost all of our widows who we help each month.  In the picture below, Jeremy is praying with Celomise, one of the widows we assist each month.


This month we are raising funds for our Haitian students’ uniforms and books.  We will need about $20 per student for the 350 students in the school, in order to get them started in a new school year.  If you feel encouraged to help with this project, please make the contribution payable to Pathway Outreach Ministries and note on the contribution for:  “UNIFORMS”.

As of July 1st, Pathway Outreach marked 24 years of ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.  We are now moving forward in our 25th year by His grace.  I am so thankful, first to God who blesses and empowers us to carry out His will.  Secondly, I am thankful to you, God’s people, who have walked with us these many years encouraging us with your work, words, prayers, and financial blessings.  When I get still and quiet, I think back over these many years and my heart gets overwhelmed with thanksgiving.  It has been an amazing journey and the fun has just started!


Pictured with me in the photo below is a beautiful young girl who attends our church and school in Bossier, Haiti.  Her future is our dream and God’s plan.


From day one, we have only asked people to pray about helping us.  We don’t use scare or guilt tactics.  Prayer to God and communication to our friends of our dreams and activities are our main strategies for support.  If you feel led by God to help, we are thankful for all support—large or small.  Mail contributions to: Pathway Outreach Ministries, P. O. Box 296, Boaz, AL  35957 or you may contribute online at .

Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

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