Five Things I Would Do Differently At 18

Here are Five Things I would do differently if I were 18 again:

I would use no more than 80% of my earnings.  I would consider the tithe to my church and at least 10% to savings as a bill due each month.  I would treat credit like a plague.

I would pull out all stops to become fluent in another major language such as Spanish.

I would spend no less than an hour per day praying and studying the Bible; I would strive to submit to every whim of the Holy Spirit and totally surrender to God without fail.

I would work tirelessly in becoming an expert in an area and serve a mentor in that area of expertise.

I would seek opportunities to serve others, yet I would learn the art of saying “No!” in a humble way.

Harry L. Whitt

8 Replies to “Five Things I Would Do Differently At 18”

    1. Thanks Pastor Clay! I enjoyed speaking to the Homemakers Club about missions. The meeting was in your church fellowship hall–beautiful facilities. I am not sure which women were from your church but they all were very sweet and encouraging.


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