Journey Update: June 2021

To say that our world here and abroad has changed in the last year is a big understatement. Cultural attitudes and societal norms have shifted. As a Christian, I have begun to think more deeply about the implications these things will have on the church going forward. I wonder how long it will be before our American culture revs up its opposition toward Christianity bringing about open persecution. This is not a popular topic but a real possibility.

Personally, I am trying to fortify myself spiritually by intensifying my spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship, scriptural study, times of spiritual solitude, and other forms of discipleship. In other words, double-down on the basics. My ongoing prayer, “Lord, help me to be faithful to you.”

As we turn the page on another month I am so thankful for our faithful supporters. I am ever so conscious of God’s blessings and your encouraging support. Our desire is to be faithful stewards of the blessings the Lord places in our hands. We do not take this lightly. We are not out to build an empire but rather to work in the Kingdom of God as servants of Jesus taking spiritual and physical bread to hungry souls and hungry bellies. If we can put a smile on the face of a child and the face of Jesus, then our work will be complete. Thank you for standing with us.

Our ministry partners around the world are carrying a heavy burden. The situations in their countries are very difficult. Our church and school in Haiti is located in a village near the seashore. Many American visitors have related about how chaotic the trip from the airport is compared to how peaceful it was on our church/school campus. Yet, with the current unrest in Haiti, we have begun work to fortify our security fencing on the roadside of our property. It has gotten that bad.

In other places in the world where our brothers and sisters serve in the Kingdom of God, there are many difficulties in just everyday life. Added to these pressures are the problems they are faced with in areas of religious opposition and the pandemic situation. They all need our prayers and support.

We are currently raising funds for our school uniforms and books for the beginning of next school term in Haiti. It takes about $15/student to get them started in a new school year ($150 will help ten students). Donations of any amount need to be made payable to Pathway Outreach Ministries and note on the donation for: “Uniforms”.

We have restarted our jail ministry work. Bro. David Powell heads this ministry at the Boaz City Jail. He and I visited this month and are excited to be “back in jail”.

Thanks again for all your support and prayers. Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

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