Journey Update: December 2020

Here in the United States, we celebrated our Thanksgiving Day the fourth Thursday of November. It is unofficially but a real beginning of our Christmas season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

We will blink once and Christmas Day will be here and then blink twice to see the new year of 2021 roll in. There seems to be a lot of changes on our horizons. We are trying to double down on our prayers and spiritual preparations in order to be the representatives and agents of the Kingdom of God on the Earth regardless of the circumstances.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the CareBox Project. On November 10th we shipped out 491 individual CareBoxes to the children in Haiti. Along with the CareBoxes, we shipped a generator and some other supplies. We use good used clothing and shoes for packing materials to fill the voids in the cargo boxes. There were 33 big cargo boxes plus the generator in the shipment. They should arrive by the second week of December. Please pray for safe arrival as they will pass through some dangerous streets on their way to our school and church. Please pray for Haiti.

We have made some important improvements to our school in Bossier, Haiti. The original concrete floors had become crumbly. Workers have been busy breaking up the old and pouring new floors with steel rebar reinforcements. They have been able to repair two classrooms each weekend so the classrooms would be ready for use the following Monday. We had some extra money given that has blessed us with these improvements. Thanks to those who made this possible.

Some years ago the Lord burdened my heart about poor widows. In my prayer, I told the Lord (as if He didn’t know), “Lord, there are hundreds of thousands of widows in the world!” The reply I received was, “Help one.” The next month, Jennie and I sent money and instructions to help a specific widow with monthly subsistence in Haiti. I shared this story and others wanted to do the same. (The feature photo from left to right, Jeremy Owens, Celomise, a Haitian widow, and me.)

Today there are 43 widows around the world who are blessed each month with food and subsistence. When the widows in Haiti meet me, they give me the biggest smile and a Christian kiss on the cheek. In each case, I know that I am only the representative of all those who give in the name of Jesus. And in another sense, when we as Christians serve and give to others we are true representatives of Jesus to the world. His light and life shines through us.

Our Gospel work around the world continues in spite of the pandemic. We are blessed to be able to directly touch the lives of about 2500 people weekly with spiritual sustenance through all those who are affiliated and partnered with us. And well over 400 people receive physical food weekly through our ministry. We are humbled by God’s grace and provision to be able to be an extension of the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus.

I am ready to dust off my travel bags but we will need to see how 2021 rolls in. We appreciate those who watch our twice monthly Facebook Live devotional study called Journey with Jesus. It streams live on my Facebook page (Thursdays, Dec 3 and 17 at 7:00 pm). Our blog site ( continues to grow giving the Gospel and Christian encouragement. We are reaching over 40+ countries through the blog.

Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,
Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

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