Journey Update: November 2020

Can you believe it’s November? I’m ready for COVID-19, elections, and hot weather to be over with. Anyone with me on this? “I see that hand!!”

The deadline for our CareBox Project for our children in Haiti will be Tuesday, November 10th at noon. We will be shipping them out that afternoon making their long journey to our facilities outside of Leogane, Haiti. We greatly appreciate each individual and church that helps us with this project. It blesses a bunch of children. Thank you all so much.

The delivery point for the CareBoxes is New Life Christian Center in Sardis City, Alabama. Anyone needing to drop off any boxes can contact me in the comments or on Messenger if you do not have my phone number.

A young lady in the Sardis area has been taking on a project each year by raising funds for the monthly Chicken Leg meals for our 400+ kids in our Haitian school. Mary is a high school student and has been doing this for many years now. She usually does a lemonade stand but this year she had to have a Virtual Lemonade Stand because of the coronavirus. Mary does a great job as her efforts provides approximately 4,000 chicken leg meals every year. Thanks so much to Mary, her family, and all the folks who help and contribute to this project.

Our work continues all over the world with the Gospel being preached, Christians discipled, the poor being fed, children educated, and the Light of Jesus being shone into the dark corners of the world. God has linked us with some wonderful folks who love Jesus and love their people. The two points of loving God and loving people are the core elements of the church in any time and any place. When we worshipfully love God and compassionately love others, we are looking very much like Jesus. The greatest evangelism tool we have is to consistently love God and love others. When the world sees this type of love coming from our hearts and going forth to our hands and feet, it has a big impact.

To start a fire that warms the soul and cooks a meal, you don’t begin by cutting down trees. You gather a few sticks and strike a match. Too many folks think they have to have a big pile of wood. Metaphorically speaking, this ministry began with a struck match and a few sticks. Folks began to bring us firewood with which we have warmed souls and fed the hungry. Thank you for the firewood and the food to put in the pot. The fire is still burning by the grace of God and through the kindness of His children. Thank you!!!

Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

4 Replies to “Journey Update: November 2020”

  1. Brother Harry, you said, “When we worshipfully love God and compassionately love others, we are looking very much like Jesus.’ Yes, I agree. And I see Jesus in you. Thank you for shining more of His light into this world!

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