Journey Update: June 2020

In America, it seems we have one big problem and then another. Right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have major unrest in our city streets which began with the death of George Floyd under the knee of a policeman. Peaceful legal protest began and then groups and individuals escalated the situation into riots and looting. All of it is heart-breaking. Jesus told us to love our neighbor; this is what I always strive to do by God’s grace. The only antidote for hate is love, not more hate.

We are continuing to support all our international ministry partners at the same level of support. Every church and ministry in the world have been affected by the pandemic and the governments’ reaction to it. I believe most all of us have been working hard in the situation at hand to minister to others during this time. I so much appreciate our supporters who have continued to financially support Pathway Outreach Ministries. Your support blesses and helps us to help others. Thank you so much!

The featured photo at the top of the blog is some of the widows in India we supply with food each month. They are members of a village church. The food bags usually have rice, eggs, dal (split lentils), and few other ingredients. The lockdown has eased up so the food could be distributed.

In Haiti, Pastor Baptiste has continued the ministry of the church and school within the parameters of safety. He has reduced the school attendance during this pandemic to only the oldest students who needed to prepare for required exams. We have continued to support all our schoolteachers, who have their families to support. Those whose classes are not meeting, continue to come and assist. The feeding program money which usually provides a hot meal daily for our approximately 400 students during normal times has been used to purchase food that is distributed to the families of the students. He has also purchased and distributed soap and bleach for proper hygiene. Pastor Baptiste has continued church services but with social distancing.

We also need to prepare for the upcoming school year in Haiti. Toward the end of July, we will need to purchase the material for the school uniforms and order schoolbooks. It takes about $15/student to get them started in a new school year ($150 will help ten students). This is always a big project and we need your help. So please prayerfully consider helping with this project. Donations of any amount need to be made payable to Pathway Outreach Ministries and note on the donation for: “Uniforms”. You can also donate online through our website, for your convenience. There is also a tab on the blog page where you can give in increments of $25.

We appreciate everyone’s faithful support and encouragement as we minister to others. Thank you so much for helping us help others.

On a personal note, I announced Sunday, May 31, 2020 my intentions to transition from the position as Senior Pastor at New Life Christian Center. My last Sunday as pastor will be June 28, 2020. This decision has been preceded by prayer over many months and in my heart, I feel this is for the long-term benefit of New Life.

Everything in the life of our church is in good shape and I make this decision with no problems or pressure from anyone. I have nothing but love and appreciation for all who call New Life home. Jennie and I have intentions of continuing our membership and attendance at New Life after a short absence to help in the transitioning to a new pastor.

Loyce (Bradley) Petrey will succeed me as Senior Pastor. Bro. Bradley and his family have been part of this fellowship for almost nineteen years and he was ordained into the ministry at New Life. I have personally mentored him during these many years and consider him a spiritual son in the ministry. He is an elder and has been our Assistant Pastor for several years. I believe he has the spiritual DNA of New Life, is gifted to shepherd our people, and to provide the leadership to go forward in the work of the Kingdom.

I have been privileged and honored to serve as pastor at New Life for almost twenty years. It has been one of the great joys of my life. They have granted me great liberty over the years to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. The church has embraced my mission emphasis and gladly shared their pastor with the world.

I am transitioning from pastoral work but feel I have many more years of fruitful work in the Kingdom of God. I will continue to lead and serve as Executive Director of Pathway Outreach Ministries. Nothing has changed concerning Pathway Outreach. All of our contact information and mailing address is still the same.

I founded Pathway Outreach Ministries in 1994 and today by God’s grace this ministry touches the lives of about 2500 people weekly with spiritual bread and approximately 500 people weekly with physical bread in five different countries of the world.

My prayer is that I can give more focused attention to this ministry as we seek God for direction and provision. I am not retiring but transitioning to a more focused journey with Jesus. I will continue to preach the Gospel, write, teach, mentor, and journey with Jesus to the ends of the earth as the Lord leads and grants me life and strength.

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

Mailing address: Pathway Outreach Ministries, P. O. Box 296, Boaz, AL 35957

6 Replies to “Journey Update: June 2020”

  1. Praying for God to richly bless you in this journey! I know you will achieve great things for all our people. Love to you and your family ❤️

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  2. Thank you Brother Harry! We praise the Lord for the many lives you touch. May He continue to guide and lead you as you step into a new role and new season of service to our Lord. We appreciate your obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit! blessings David & Vicki Creel

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