Journey Update: July 2019

This month is the 25th anniversary of Pathway Outreach Ministries.  I paused today and thanked God for His voice of calling and His hand of blessing.  It has been truly twenty-five years of miracles and we are still praying and expecting more.  We are also so thankful for those of you who have helped us during these many years.

I just returned from Haiti and I had a good and safe trip but it was the most dangerous time I have ever traveled to Haiti.

There has been much unrest and protest going on since February.  On my return trip to the airport, we encountered a road barricade of burning tires and protesters.  Pastor Baptiste turned off the main road and we stayed at his friend’s school for about two hours before we could proceed to the airport.  Close to the airport, we drove through another protest group but they were more civil.  After he dropped me off at the airport, he was delayed about three hours in Port Au Prince by rioting protesters.  Please pray for the peace and prosperity of Haiti.

While in Haiti, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the church on Sunday morning.  There was a lot of special singing and thanksgiving to God for His blessings on our church family in Haiti.  I have watched this church grow up to be a wonderful lighthouse for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the area.  We provided a meal for the 400 participants at the Sunday celebration.  It was a great day!  We give God all the glory and praise for His blessing and anointing on the work in Haiti.


We are currently praying for the funds to supply our students with uniforms and books this coming school year.  We will have about 400 students next year and we need about $20 per student to get them started in school.  Our process begins with the buying of matching cloth in August.  We need enough funds for the cloth by the end of July.  So, please consider helping with this project by making a donation payable to Pathway Outreach Ministries and note on the donation for: “UNIFORMS”.  Our mailing address is Pathway Outreach Ministries, P. O. Box 296, Boaz, AL  35957.  Online donations can also be made on our website by clicking here.

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, interest, and financial support of Pathway Outreach Ministries this past month and for the last twenty-five years!

 Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt


Take a YouTube video tour of our facilities in Haiti by clicking here.

Top photo:  Pastor Baptiste and Harry Whitt

Photo in text: Beautiful Haitian children in our church in Bossier, Haiti.

Pathway Outreach Ministries

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