Journey Update: April 2019

Butch Suddath and I finally made our way to Haiti.  We were hindered in February by the protests that had blocked roads and made our travel within Haiti almost impossible.  God blessed us with clear roads and a calmer situation.  We pray for peace and political stability for the country of Haiti.  We had no problems during our stay but it is something that stays in the back of your mind.  The embers of unrest can quickly flame up.  We appreciate the prayers that were prayed for us.

2019-03-14 11.35.09

Those who think international travel is a luxurious endeavor—need to think again.  By the end of the road, you feel like you have been herded like cattle, vaccinated, dehorned, and wormed.  It is only a three hour flight from Atlanta to Port au Prince but with the ground travel, security hoopla, immigration, and waiting; it all adds up to about a 13 hour day.  Then upon arrival, you need to get your stuff stowed away and water purifier working before sunset because there is no electricity.  In a third world country even the simplest of tasks takes an extra effort.  By the time the mosquitos came out for their evening meal, these two old southern boys retreated to our mosquito net covered beds and told the world goodnight until another day.

2019-03-14 10.38.19

The next two days, Butch and I visited each of the classes in our school and then those in another school that Butch’s church supports.  We also visited an orphanage that is operated by another ministry.  One of my favorite things is to interact with the children.  They love to listen to us and to ask questions even though some are a little shy.  On Sunday we each participated in a church service at different churches.  It was a blessing to worship and serve with our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ.

2019-03-17 08.57.52

When I go to Haiti, one of my big responsibilities is that of an overseer.  So I put my eyes on the work and I usually have some situation or problem that needs a solution.  Another responsibility is that of an encourager.  I try to encourage those involved in the ministry of the church and school.


2019-03-14 09.33.48


I am not sure if I can find the right words to express my appreciation and thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support.  God provides for the work of this ministry through His people.  We have been doing this for almost 25 years and God has always provided enough bread and more.  I am amazed at the power of God and the goodness of His people.  Thank you!!

Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries


4 Replies to “Journey Update: April 2019”

    1. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. My prayer is that my words whether written or spoken for the cause of Christ does more than inform minds but touches hearts. Blessings to you and your ministry.


  1. Hi Bro. Harry, we could emphatize and symphatize with you, it is so true that international travel is not that luxurious. The long journey is wearisome, and coming back it takes a while to recover from jetlag, etc. And we are always grateful to realize how blessed we are here in the US, with clean water to drink right inside our home. We appreciate the work you do for the Lord and for His kingdom! blessings-Vicki & David

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