Grappling with the Truth

I had a neighbor who once said she only argued when she was right.  Don’t we all?  A Christian friend of mine asked a co-worker who was of a different Christian denomination, what they believed.  He replied with great affirmation, “We believe the Bible!”  My friend laughingly replied, “So do we!”

I have some firmly held beliefs and I base those beliefs on my interpretation of the Bible.  The problem we often encounter is the fact that the Bible has more truth than we can decipher.  I try to be an honest student of the Bible and I seek to know God more and more; yet I know my understanding is limited.  How can we know everything about an infinite God with our finite minds?  I often say, “The understanding of truth is a very deep well and I have a short rope”.

If we are honest with ourselves, we must realize there a many things we do not understand and of those that we have some understanding, our understanding is incomplete.  Someone has said, “If you can understand everything about God then perhaps you need a new God because yours is too small.”

So here are a five simple points to consider:

  1. We must not discount the revelation of God by the Holy Spirit. God has all knowledge, wisdom, and understanding and He can download any portion of that to us anytime He wishes.  If you really need to know, ask Him.
  2. We need to believe some simple facts that will determine our relationship with God and our eternal destiny. Here are mine:  a) I believe Jesus is the Christ, b) He died on the cross for my sins, and c) He was resurrected on the third day.
  3. We need to live out our beliefs. Since I have trusted Christ as my Savior and Lord, as His disciple, I am trying to: a) Live like Him, b) Love like Him, and c) Serve like Him.
  4. When we question why God does or allows something to happen that we do not like or understand, here are some things to cling to: a) God is good.  b) God is powerful.  c) God loves us.
  5. If we want to understand more about God, He will give us more understanding as we grow in our relationship with Him, but we will not in this life come to a complete understanding of all His ways. We must be content while we search for more.

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach

New Life Christian Center

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