How to Make Sense of Nonsense?

The short answer to my title question is, “You can’t!” We all have spent time racking our brains about something so absurd and coming to no conclusion to our question of “Why?”

A stranger with whom you have no quarrel keys your car with a long scratch. You watch the news where a young child was playing in their room when a stray bullet sends the child to Heaven and the perpetrator to jail and perhaps to Hell. The horrors of war fill our screens and you and I collectively scream, “WHY??”

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Navigation of Life

Without getting too far into the weeds, navigation is basically knowing where you are in relation to where you started. Basic navigation needs two known points to measure the current location.

The old explorers did not wander aimlessly into the seas. They plotted their course to determine where they were in relation to where they started. If you read some of their exploits, you will be amazed at their expertise even with the crude instruments of their time.

Are you wandering aimlessly into the seas of this world?

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Like a Child

Featured Photo: That pitiful looking kid with the big head and little shoulders was taken about sixty-three years ago when I was about three years old. I still look like that when I’m in my Heavenly Father’s arms.

Most little kids will wear whatever you pull out of the drawer. It does not matter if it is purple checked pants with an orange stripe shirt. Their hair can be a mess, with candy smeared across their face, and they will still meet you at the door with a chocolate smile. Their self awareness has not yet morphed into pride.

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Journey Update: February 2022

Here is our monthly update from our ministries’ website titled, “Journey Update: February 2022.

Pathway Outreach Ministries

I pray you all are doing well.  There have been a lot of sickness in our area.  I find myself praying for so many.  Jesus is our Healer!  Jennie and I were sick with Covid for about two weeks in January.  We assume it was the Omicron variant.  We both tested positive but the usual testing does not distinguish between the different variants.  We had flu type (upper respiratory) symptoms.  It was uncomfortable but not severe.  We are thankful to be well and out of quarantine.

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Starting Points of Discipleship

So, what’s next?
Great question! You have repented of your sins and accepted Jesus as your Savior and Lord—and now what?? There are some very important steps we need to take on this journey with Jesus. We need to be intentional in our life with Him, not haphazard. Every Christian whether just beginning or well into their journey, needs to have some important disciplines in their life with Christ.

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Angel Feathers

On my first trip to Haiti, a family loaned me their video camera. At that time, they were extremely expensive, but they insisted I take it. Unknown to me, the camera had a loose screw on the eye piece. In the middle of about a hundred school kids or more, it fell to the ground. This little fellow about seven years old tugged on my pant leg and held it up to me. God gave me an angel feather.

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Journey Update: January 2022

I am a little late with this but Happy New Year to everyone! It’s still January. I pray the Lord will greatly bless you this year of 2022. We need it, right? After the last two years, most of us have some emotional fatigue.

I think we are ready to break out of the doldrums of the coronavirus. It has been a difficult period of time beginning in the first quarter of 2020 and spread over almost two years now. We all have either had it or had family members who suffered from it; some have died. We need to pray for deliverance and an end to this pandemic.

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Quarters for Lunch

When I was in elementary school, my mother would tie up five quarters in a handkerchief on Monday for my week’s lunch money. Yes, lunch was only a quarter. Lunch was on a light green rectangle tray with sections for the different foods. White milk was our only drink option which means there were no drink options. I loved Fridays because it was either a hamburger or a hot dog plus the other stuff. The fish sticks with the dark spots I hated.

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