Song of My Soul

Song of My Soul

How could I say that I have accepted Jesus, chose Yahweh to be my God, and Holy Spirit to fill me? As if I was shopping for a god and thought they were a great bargain.

No—the realization that He chose me. He came to me in my brokenness, revealing His completeness and perfection. At the time, I could not have articulated these words, but in retrospect I can see Him coming to me, instead of me going to Him.

How could a physically sighted man deny the rising of the natural sun? So, how could I, as a created man whom God has made a spiritual being, deny the Living God when He is revealed to my spirit?

How could a natural man deny the wind of a hurricane? How could I deny the power of the Spirit when He blew across my face and soul?

The lowly man of earth that I am, who is made of clay, deny the God who blew into my nostrils the Breath of Life and made me a living soul after his own image?

The questions changes, “Why did I accept Him?” to (once He has been revealed to me), “How could I deny Him?”

Yes, I had to express my faith in Him and to commit my will to Him. I had to surrender to Him. I had to turn from my sin and follow Him. I could not follow Him while willingly sinning. I had to put my faith and trust in Jesus who died for my sins and was resurrected to give me life.

Yes, I cannot say, I chose Him. I believe He revealed Himself to me. When the scales fell from my eyes—what a fool I would have been to deny Him? What a fool not to follow the Son, who came from the Father and who sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in me.

Lord, in the midst of my brokenness and sin, Your presence was before my face drawing me to You by your love. It is not that I feel unworthy of your love and mercy—I am unworthy of Your love and mercy. But that is why it is called grace fashioned by love!

With Your mercy, You reached out to me with Your hand, the God of Eternal Life, offering His gift of life to a dead man. In faith, I only opened my clenched fist of carnality, selfishness, and sin to receive Your redemptive hand filled with the oil of grace. When You touched me, life was imparted. The force of Your righteousness displaced my sin into utter oblivion.

You continue to hold me and call me Your child. I am amazed and filled with wonder of Your love, glory, and power. How blessed I am to call you Father, Savior, and Holy Spirit. Abiding in You is the world of my journey on earth. In You the clamor of this age has been deafened to my ears by Your song in my soul and the glittering sway of earth has been blinded to my eyes by the glory of Your Presence.

I am encompassed by You. You surround me and I stand on the rock of Your promises and steadfastness. The banner over me is Your love. Your angelic host stand ready with their hands on the hilt of their swords to guard until Your desire in me is fulfilled. A cohort of angelic escorts stand ready when Your purpose in Me is finished. By your grace and empowerment, I will faithfully follow here until You say, “Come!”

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Featured Photo: Harry Whitt in April 1962 (age, one month from 7 years old). Courtesy of my friend, Alton Galimore.

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