A Tsunami of Conviction

Powerful word from fellow blogger and sister in Christ, RuthAnne Henley. This is what America needs.

Walking Beside the Boat by R.G.Henley

Last night, as if in a dream, my spirit went walking along the shoreline. I looked out at the wide expanse of the ocean, and it seemed I could see the waters recede. The rocky depths were exposed. I heard a voice praying, and realized it was my own.

“Father, in Jesus’ name, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, send a tsunami of conviction rushing over this nation and cause us to see that the rebellion seething among us is contrived by spiritual forces. Open our eyes to see that it is the enemy who is turning us against each other. Help us to understand that it is not a matter of one camp or party rising against another, but we are raising our fists and slinging our curses into Your holy face. It is against You that we are raging. Let that knowledge come surging over us…

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