Confusion and Chaos

The malicious destroyer scans his evil eyes over the landscape of a people who were at peace and prosperous. He knew his labor was not to convince but to deceive. He was trained in the principles of life and order in the Creation of the world, yet he rebelled against all that was good and holy and right. Whatever God was for, he was against.

He set his sights on two brothers named Confusion and Chaos and began the process of their wicked apprenticeship.

Confusion and Chaos were twin brothers who went everywhere together. Confusion was methodical and dominant of the two brothers. So wherever Confusion went, Chaos was soon to follow. Chaos was very emotional so his anger could flare in a moment’s notice, and he was merciless in his hatred.

Confusion began his studies inside a place of marbled halls. As time went, the black-robbed ones did not debate but began to question every point of truth. These futile minded philosophers had their understudies to question every tenet of truth as a fairy tale if they intended to alight to higher enlightenment. They were encouraged to abandon their father’s archaic principles so they could flow unhindered in the stream of worldly progress

They failed to realize the body of truth in the world had a beginning and more importantly a Source, who was God. It began like an ancient stone archway that upheld the traffic of Heavenly principles. First a firm foundation was constructed as the base upon the bedrock of eternal truth. Then stone upon stone was laid while supported by timbers of time until the keystone was laid in the archway to bind the whole together.

It was a wonderous bridge that upheld the weight of the ancients who trod over the bridge of life-giving principles. The structure was supported by the strong archway of wisdom constructed of the stones of truth and mortared together with understanding.

The malevolent destroyer of the world knew all the components of the archway that the Benevolent Creator of the Universe had designed. The wicked destroyer was an observer in the building, so he knew all the principles of the structure. Just as an evil architect would know where the structural strength was focused, so he began to destroy. Through guile and deceit, he put into the heart of Confusion to gather others and tear out the foundation, thereby causing every stone to eventually fall.

As the stones of the foundation were being ripped away by Confusion and his malcontents, the bridge which was held aloof above the waters began to tremble as the common villagers crossed in their daily lives. They noted the wobble but were uninterested because their life was still the same. They crossed the stream to the market and home again so why the fuss.

One old prophet began to frequent the bridge and called to the villagers that the troublers were tearing out the foundation stones of the archway. They deflected the prophet’s warning by saying, “Old man, we have been crossing this bridge for centuries. It has survived floods, wars, famines, and storms. It will remain even though it has a wobble. Go back to your cloister and let us be.”

Confusion yelled to the old prophet from below, “We plan to build a better bridge.”

The old prophet asked if they had materials, plans, and the knowhow. They simply answered that it was time to rebuild the old ancient bridge and would worry about the means when the demolition was done.

The old prophet continued to warn, and the villagers continued to laugh.

One day as the festival was to begin, the villagers poured over the bridge with their wares and produce to sell. On this fateful day the center archway would crumble to single stones and the bridge would separate in the middle.

Chaos and his counterparts had followed Confusion at a distance but today they had arrived just in time. Confusion and his workers had torn out the foundation stones and now all was beginning to collapse. Some went left, some went right, while others acted like frightened squirrels not knowing where to run.

Chaos delighted in the melee of the falling bridge. He was overjoyed at the fright in the villagers’ eyes. He loved the barking of dogs, the wild-eyed panic in the horses’ eyes, the screams of horror, the breaking of timbers, and the death of children.

The old bridge first shook, then the archway collapsed, leaving everything above nowhere to go but down. Now it all lay in a pile of rubble in the flowing waters of the stream. Death was all around as bodies were broken and some buried in the debris. One could hear the moaning as limbs were held trapped by stones. Threshing horses struggled until they died.

At the bottom of the tangle of destruction was Confusion who was crushed in his own destruction. Chaos was lying on the top of the heap with a timber piercing his torso, his life bleeding out in an agonizing slow death.

Perched on the city side of the stream was the wicked destroyer smirking in evil pleasure. The prophet was on his knees crying to God.

News had reached the city and the partygoers went about their festival as if nothing had ever happened because mostly the peasants had died. Then the malevolent destroyer cracked a sinister smile as he looked toward the city with an expectant eye. Slowly he sleeked into the city unannounced where the tall buildings rose to meet the morning glow.

“They do not know, nor do they understand; They walk about in darkness; All the foundations of the earth are unstable” (Psalms 82:5 NKJV).

“Therefore its name is called Babel [confusion, Babylon], because there the LORD confused the language of all the earth; and from there the LORD scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth” (Genesis 11:9 NKJV).

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

6 Replies to “Confusion and Chaos”

  1. Such a clever and terrifying story!! Are you sure you don’t author mystery novels? It is truly scary though and it does sound like the world we are now living in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, I do not see a mystery novel in my writing future. Thanks for thinking it clever but sorry about the terrifying part. Yes, the bridge is shaking. Thanks for your comment. Love and blessings to you.


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