What Gets Heaven’s Attention?

People are fickle. Politicians worry about what the polls say. Internet gurus worry about clicks. Media folks look at the ratings. Churches count the heads.

We worry what other people think or say. God does not worry. He does not check the weather app to determine when the sun rises. Nor did He check with the human resources department when He created Adam and Eve. He did not consult with the United Nations when the angels declared, “Peace on Earth!”

Most folks worry about what other people think more than they would admit. Industries have been created to take the pulse of society and culture. Heaven does not check with Earth to change the tides of truth. God does not change, and His truth does not waver.

People swoon over glitter and glamor. The crowds are sometimes wowed by the shiny suits or the skinny jeans, the smooth talker and the clever phrase. The latest today will be old shoes tomorrow. The “has been” was once the cat’s meow. By the way, God has not changed His wardrobe in a zillion years—He still wears GLORY!

Have you ever wondered what gets God’s attention?

I think about the little children whom the disciples thought were an annoyance to the Messiah, but He said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14 NKJV).

Then there was the poor widow coming behind the rich men who were putting in large sums of money at the Temple. Others were impressed with the large sums of the rich, but Jesus knew their offering was only a small skim from their abundance. The little widow came with her two copper coins and when they hit bottom they went “ding” and not “dong”. Jesus said she put in more than all because she gave of her living and not from her abundance.

Have you ever wondered who Jesus leans over the balcony to see?

Maybe it’s the village preacher who rides his bicycle ten miles to tell the story of Jesus one more time, whose calloused feet and gnarly toenails tell the story of servanthood for the Savior in the dust of Earth.

It may be that single mother who gets the two kids off to school and rushes out the door to earn another week of survival. She at the end of the day, bone-tired and weary, prepares a meal and tucks them in with a prayer to Jesus.

It may be that persecuted pastor, from the bars of prison, who is praying for the souls of his captors, and blessings on their families while his family suffers.

It may be you!! He sees your faithfulness in the midst of your great struggle. He sees the unpopular path you pursued so that Heaven would be filled, and Hell emptied of a few. He sees your labor and toil. He hears your prayers and feels the travail of your soul. He sees, He knows!

He looks over the balcony of Heaven and smiles and tells a nearby angel, “You see her! You see him! They are mine! I have redeemed them by My blood, and they make me smile!”

Love and blessings to you! Keep following Jesus because He’s looking over the rim. You may not get noticed here, but when you die, angels may have a parade planned on your arrival.

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

“And indeed there are last who will be first, and there are first who will be last” (Words of Jesus, Luke 13:30 NKJV).


11 Replies to “What Gets Heaven’s Attention?”

  1. Loved this! You are one of those Jesus leans over and says he is mine. Glad I was able to have you as a teacher. Still my favorite teacher. Thanks for what you do for the kingdom.

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    1. Thanks Ty for your very encouraging words. I loved having you as a student and now as a friend and brother. And I am thankful and excited to see your work in the kingdom as well. Blessings to all you do.


  2. Such a smile you brought on my face as I read this. His eye is on the sparrow and yes in my minds eye I can see Him leaning over that balcony, never missing anything as He watches me. I love your blogs and try never to miss one. I am always blessed by them.

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