Jesus Is My Joy

Jesus Is My Joy

Jesus is my joy and all.
He is the light of my day and the comfort of my night,
He sustains me with His bread and waters my soul,
He is my life with joy complete.

Jesus is my joy and all.
If my life be seemingly brief and sparse of time,
Or my journey of days be way long and full,
He is my eternal song in the night.

Jesus is my joy and all.
Though my pathway be paved with oil or tears,
Be it glorious as stardust or grim as dust,
He is my contentment fulfilled.

Jesus is my joy and all.
As the days be cloudy and the night skies dark,
Or else sun and stars adorn the skies,
He is my light to show the way.

Jesus is my joy and all.
Though He may seem far and His presence scarce,
His promises to never leave nor forsake,
He is my comfort forever near.

Jesus is my joy and all.
When I am the most alone, He draws closer still,
His presence never falters as He lingers near.
He is my refuge at my side.

Jesus is my joy and all.
He is my life now full, as earth fades from view.
He is my all when all is gone.
He is my joy and eternal song.

–Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

10 Replies to “Jesus Is My Joy”

      1. There are moments when we are reflecting and communing with God that our gratitude seems to go through the roof. If I could define the feeling its actually the same feeling you get when you just had a brush with death and escaped it. And mixed with that even sorrow, the actual emotional feeling runs from the same space but is displayed differently more of a yearning rather than a despair but the same sort of heart felt feeling. Singing out I worship You, there is this heart felt feeling. I would say from about 5 ribs up maybe 6. likely the Thymus. Its part of the lymphatic system and where your T Cells are matured.
        Maybe its there, or maybe its a reaction of the heart. Maybe your brain just causes it to feel like it comes from that area more generally.

        I find that it it comes easier over the years because of my trust and gratitude have increased.
        So, when someone expresses it in words, like your poem. I know exactly where you are.

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      2. Thanks for your comment. Words such as worship, love, etc. are hard to express or explain with words but those who have had similar experiences understand with their heart and not their head.


  1. so after signing in, i went to my site to find out someone must have clicked on my avatar and saw my site and went. While the site does not Identify people it did say the recommendation came through this site.
    so I re-read the “we were bought with a price” that I posted back in January. And God blessed me with my own writing and with Tears I thanked God. I don’t know exactly where the emotion came from or why.
    People do not grasp the Gospel unless they know they have been liberated from death. And when they really know it, that they are redeemed, purchased, saved from the pawn shop, then they can worship.
    When you think about it to sing or to write poetry about God, one must really be in to him. Some might not start that way but the good worshippers really have to sort out their relationship and standing before God. Then the true worship comes from a heart of thanksgiving and gratitude.

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