Marriage is God’s Idea!!!

“When you open the box and assemble the parts without reading the directions, you will have leftover parts.  Read the manual—God’s Word.”

In the beginning, God in His wisdom established the building block of society and community known as the family.  This family begins with the union of a man and woman.  Society and community begins and properly functions from this basis.

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24).

Some of the foundational purposes of the family are security, relationship, instruction, mutual support, and procreation.

Within the framework of a family, there is security of being surrounded by those who love and care for you. God is the master builder who furnishes the plan and the material. In His wisdom, God knew the family needed the components of man and woman, effectively providing the physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual security for the family.

Fathers and mothers are more effective with the other.  Ropes are usually braided together with three strands. The family is braided together with the husband, the wife, and God.

The forming of healthy relationships within the family is the example for the children to follow into adulthood. Boys watch the interaction of their father in the family and learn how to be good husbands and fathers.  Girls watch the interaction of their mother in the family and learn how to be good wives and mothers.

The family is the best school. Children learn to be caring, obedient, kind, industrious, team-players, and the many different skills from tying their shoes to sweeping the floor; all within the home.

There are 8760 hours in one year, a school age child spends about 1260 hours in school, a child who regularly attends church spends only about 208 hours per year in church.   Children are in the home 7,292 hours.

Families do not need to relegate the education of their children just to school and church. Home is the place of learning, so parents teach your children.

On September 11, 2001 when the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed by terrorist, my immediate overriding desire was to go home.  I had to go to work but that was what I wanted to do.

Home is the place you lick your wounds.  Home is where you to get better when you are sick.  Home is where you will be loved when no one else will love you.  There should always be a shoulder to cry on at home.  Your bed at home sleeps better than any other. Home is where the dog always wags his tail.

One of the first commands of God to Adam was to “be fruitful and multiply”.  One of the main functions of marriage is to procreate and replenish the earth.  God put the “urge to merge” in mankind to reproduce and populate the earth.

Within the boundaries of marriage, God created the sexual act for more reasons than reproduction.  The union of man and woman in the sexual relationship is more than physical, it is also emotional and spiritual.  I’m glad God added the extra incentives of sex. Yet the primary biological reason for sex is procreation. God created the multiplication formula of “man plus woman equals child”.

Just because God made it fun, we cannot ignore the main purpose of sex, namely reproduction. When God says, “the two shall become one flesh”, He is specifically talking about sex.


God put a distinction/difference between men and women.  This distinction is biological, and it is psychological. Men look different than women.  Women look different than men.  Men think differently than women.  Women think differently than men.  Yet with this different mentality and physicality there is a mutual need for each other.  God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him” (Genesis 2:18 NKJV).  A man needs a woman and a woman needs a man to complete each other in the family unit.

Our present culture has attempted to blend the sexes and it has left a wave of confusion. Feminists want to elevate women (or themselves) by degrading men.  Misogynists attempt to elevate men (or themselves) by degrading women.  No one ever elevates themselves by degrading others.  Both attitudes are wrong.  Men and women do not compete with each other, they complete each other.  Marriage is God’s idea, so we need to understand His idea and embrace His idea.

Confusion abounds in our society in many areas including sexuality and identity.  Those who are called the “woke” are actually perpetuating darkness and confusion in the guise of enlightenment.

When people turn away from God’s order and wisdom, then confusion, chaos, and destruction results from the waywardness.  As the family goes, so goes the community and the nation.  When we fix our families, the greater community is fixed.

When we open the box and assemble the parts without reading the directions, we will have leftover parts.  Read the manual—God’s Word.

Harry L. Whitt

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