Journey Update: October 2019

Featured photo:  This is in India where we help about twenty poor widows with food each month.  This is in one of the village churches at the food distribution.

Here in Alabama, the calendar says autumn, but the thermometer says summer; however the weatherman is promising cooler weather soon. One day on my weather app it was warmer in Alabama than it was in Haiti—that doesn’t happen much!

One of the heartache’s of missions, as in life, is to see people you love suffer.

Haiti has undergone some difficult months with rioting, road blockades, and shortages of gasoline and food.  Shortages also bring higher prices. Inflation of the Haitian currency is terribly high.  For years one Haitian Gourde was valued around $40 USD (US Dollar), but now it is $95.  Port au Prince (the capital) is much like a war zone. In our area of Leogane, the protesting is much less and occasional.  When I was in Haiti in June, we had some trouble on my return trip to the airport.  Today, that same journey would be next-to-impossible.  Please pray for our people and for a peaceful outcome in Haiti. Jesus is always the Prince of Peace.

As I receive communications from our ministry partners around the world, I receive updates on wonderful things happening but I also receive reports on their difficulties.  Pastor Baptiste has been sick and in the hospital. Our pastor in India reported of heavy rains and flooding in India.  Our brother in Pakistan told me of a 5.8 earthquake in the eastern portion of his country that killed about twenty people.  We pray for the difficulties and praise God for the good news!

In our own country, there are many things that break our hearts.  Oh, how we need revival!  I recently shared with the young ministers in our Pathway School of Ministry class about the great change in our country if just one-half of our Congress members were radically saved!  Can you imagine??  So when we bow our heads to pray, there is much to pray about.   God answers prayer!!

Just a reminder, the deadline for Christmas CareBoxes for Haiti is November 5th at 12:00 noon.  We have about 250 boxed up and ready to go.  With about a month to go, they soon will be pouring in.  These boxes of goodies will put a lot of smiles on the faces of some kids who live in abject poverty.  Thank you to all who have helped us with this project.  We have a guideline sheet for this project available on our website.

The existence of Pathway Outreach Ministries is to take the Gospel of Jesus to the world.  This Gospel is light to a dark world, hope to the hopeless, love to a hate-filled world, and spiritual liberation to the captives of sin.  We need your prayers and support.  We appreciate your encouragement, prayers, and financial support.  Thank you so very much!!

Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

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