Journey Update: September 2018

The featured photo is a typical class of our school at Bossier, Haiti.

August has been an eventful month for the Whitt Family.  On August 22nd, Jennie and I welcomed our newest granddaughter into the world.  Perri Amelia Jane Whitt arrived healthy and beautiful for which we are so thankful.  She is the daughter of Seth and Lanie Whitt.

Many of you know by now but ten days prior to Perri’s arrival on August 12, I woke in the early morning hours with chest pains and a few other symptoms.  We went immediately to the ER and just minutes after arriving I had a heart attack.  They did a heart cath revealing a blocked artery, inserted a stent, put me on some meds, and released me two days later.  I am recovering well, eating healthier, exercising sensibly, and eliminating some useless stress.  The doctors have given me a good prognosis for the future so I should live a long and healthy life if I take care of myself.  I believe Jesus spared my life and health because He has a few more things for me to do—I am surrendered to Jesus, so His full purpose will be fulfilled in my life.  They want me to stay stateside for about three months but told me after that I should have no problems traveling internationally.  Jennie and I thank you for your concern, love, and prayers.  Praise God for His healing power!

Some of the village pastors in India gathered one day last week to pray for my health and for my family.  They spent all day praying for us–it really touched my heart (my emotional heart and my physical heart!).


Our school in Haiti is in full swing as of September 3rd.  We appreciate those who helped us with the school uniforms and books this year.  Every month is a miracle month with those who help us throughout the year with support that keeps the teachers paid, hot meals for the students every school day, and other church related expenses that arise.  We also support eight widows each month in Bossier, Haiti.

I know many of you will be working to help us with the Christmas CareBox Project over the next two months.  The deadline for the CareBoxes will be noon Tuesday, November 6th.  If you need a guideline sheet you can print one from our website; go to and click on “Christmas CareBoxes” in the menu.  We appreciate the great help we have had with this project for so many years.

Pathway School of Ministry Fall Term 2018 will begin Monday night, September 10 at 6:30 pm.  We will be studying the Book of Job.  Classes are scheduled for eight weeks and will be held at New Life Christian Center in Sardis City, Alabama.  I am excited about leading this class in the discussion about Job and his trials.

God has stretched us around the world, where we have affiliated and sponsored ministry in Haiti, India, Cuba, Pakistan, and yes, in the United States as well.  Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. You are touching lives!

Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

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