‘Twas the Night of the Advent

                         ‘Twas the Night of the Advent

‘Twas the night of the Advent, when all in the house,

Not a man was secure, not even his spouse;

Stories of the Torah were told with great care,

In hopes that Yahweh would be merciful and fair;

The children were holding by whimsical threads,

While visions of Heaven danced in their heads;

Shepherds in the field keeping watch over sheep,

With a virgin in hard labor with no prospect of sleep;

When up in the sky there arose such a clatter,

The shepherd sprang up to see what’s the matter;

Away from the far Heavens just like a flash,

Angels opened the sky and threw back the sash;

The night sky illumed with glorious angels aglow,

Gave a brilliance to shepherds living far below;

When that to their amazement did suddenly appear,

But a multitude of angels that made shepherds fear;

Do not fear at all, just believe and behold,

I bring great tidings of God’s story soon to unfold;

To mere shepherds of men the angel suddenly came,

And proclaimed with glory of tidings by name;

“For there is one born in Bethlehem on this great day,

The city of David, a King Eternal all will soon say;

One who will be the Savior, of glory and grace,

You will see him plainly as you look in His face;

He is in swaddling of a stable’s manger not far,

Go now and hurry before appears morning star;

Praising God, the angels proclaimed great glory,

As they told the shepherds of Christ’s story;

Glory to God in the Highest, and peace to men,

Who now have a Savior to save from their sin;

Let us now go and see this wondrous sight,

Out of the fields and run straight into the night;

Prophets long since foretold and have sworn,

Never a worry, Jesus our Messiah is now born.

by Harry L. Whitt




2 Replies to “‘Twas the Night of the Advent”

  1. This is the “Night Before Christmas” that ALL parents should read to their kids. Thank you Bro. Harry for reminding me the ‘true’ reason we celebrate December 25!

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