Journey Update: November 2019

Things have been more than busy—they have been crazy.  Along with the normal ministry and family duties, there are certain seasons or periods of time when a bunch of things seem to happen at once.

Lately, that has been the case.  Our CareBox Project for the children of Haiti culminates in the first week of November, at least on our side of the water.  It takes a lot of time and effort by many people to get it all done.  I really appreciate those who prepare the boxes from the different churches and individuals.

On the processing end, we must receive the boxes, prepare them for shipping, pack them in cargo boxes, work out the shipping logistics, and eventually load them on a truck.  A big thanks to the folks who helped us with the processing task.  We shipped them out on Tuesday, November 5th with the grand total of 665 boxes plus some extra supplies and good used clothing for packing material.  We really appreciate everyone who helped with this year’s project from start to finish—thank you so much!  You will make 665 Haitian kids so happy just like the girls in the featured photo!

“He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD, And He will pay back what he has given” (Proverbs 19:17 NKJV).

During this busy season, I have also officiated two weddings in consecutive weekends.  I’m not complaining, just giving you a little snippet of my life lately.  We celebrate Christian marriage—it is God’s idea and a blessing.  I try to hold my wedding officiating to limited couples, mostly to those I pastor and near kinfolks, with few exceptions.  Congratulations to the two couples, we love you and are praying for you.


Our Pathway School of Ministry is also in the midst of the Fall Term with our study of “Return From Babylon” where we have been studying and discussing Jerusalem’s fall, Babylonian captivity, and certain leaders such as Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah.

During the last eight months or so, I have had an interesting experience, of all things, a problem with one of my big toes.  I have had an infection that I may have picked up in Haiti last March and it became very angry at the end of my trip to Haiti in June.  I have had several rounds of antibiotics,  two office procedures with one to drain an abscess, and the other to remove my toenail.  With the healing power of Jesus and my dear podiatrist, it is better.  I still need your prayers.  The devil has stomped on my foot, but I imagine his head is quite sore.  I have (dirty) places to go and I need healthy feet.

Back to the CareBoxes, some of you have been concerned with the shipping during the current instability and protests in Haiti.  I have talked with my shipper and they are still shipping.  Lately, there appears to be a lull in the protests, but they can popup unexpectedly.  Just pray our shipment gets to our school with no problems.  Please pray for long-term solutions to Haiti’s often political problems.  Every country needs leaders who love God and their people more than they love money and power.

Butch Suddath and I are scheduled for a journey to South Asia in January for two weeks.  We are praying for a safe, healthy, and successful trip.  We will be speaking in pastors’ conferences and in Christian churches bringing encouragement to our brothers and sisters.  This will be my fourth trip to this region and God has blessed each time.  It is a long journey and at times a difficult trip, but we are excited to be going.  It is literally on the other side of the earth from us.  Please pray for us.

Pathway Outreach Ministries is in its 25th year.  God has blessed us to be part of His Kingdom in the world.  It is through our Lord Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the blessings of God’s people that we can help supply about 2,500 people weekly with spiritual bread and 500 people weekly with physical bread in five countries of the world.  I stand amazed at what God does with unlikely and ordinary people who love Him.  We desire to be the love, light, and life of Jesus in the world, whether in the company of family or strangers.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart for your prayers, encouragement, and financial support. We are an extension of your outstretched hand from your loving heart.

Rejoicing in the salvation, which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

6 Replies to “Journey Update: November 2019”

  1. The real question is why did Israel go into Babylon and what did it have to do with their treatment of their own people and slavery and what does this have to do with our lives. Issues of control, Issues surrounding money etc.


    1. The simple answer is that they turned away from God and His principles and worshipped idols. That should be an instructive example to us as well. We need to love God and love people, that is the basis of God’s command.

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      1. I have to head off to work so I cant find the exact scripture at the moment, but it was because they where told not to enslave their own people so they set them all free, but then they went back and put their own people back into slavery and like some in India of the recent past they would over charge them interest such that they would not be able to afford it and ended up selling their children and families to pay for things And God thought it was a huge crime and said, took you out of Egypt you should have learned, and I told you so, I will put you into Babylon for 70 years and see how you like it.
        And while everyone thinks its all peaches and cream after that God didn’t God had divorced both Judah and Israel and was considering to wipe out the world, but then he sent Christ instead. (details I would have to take a few minutes to find, but they are there.) People pass over the point Jesus makes by cutting down the tree, and the prophetic stump of Jesse and he being the sprout out of that stump. And they pass over the parable of the vineyard tenants killing the Lords servants and Son and that the Lord takes the vineyard away and gives it to someone else. The fact is, They didn’t learn the lesson of Babylon. Its why he took the keys and gave them to others. And so now are we deserving of a trip to Babylon.


      2. Yes, the enslavement of their people, charging usury, and sacrificing their children are among their sins that led to their captivity. When we turn away from God and His Word, sin is the result. When I study God’s Word, I first look at myself to check up on my attitude and actions than being critical of others.

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      3. Yep, its hard to point out the issues of the nation without being critical of others, but I hear you. change starts at home, including not being so critical of others wanting to throw people under the bus and finding fault. Yet, We can stand by either a whole nation can go down the tubes if we don’t call out those who lead with a poor example. Its never easy to say, hey, Lets not do that for this reason but lets do this. It can get you axed from a church in seconds and truth comes with that risk. Still there is nothing worse than a constant complainer. Some might have seen Jesus as that. Its hard to manage, and some people harden their neck. We can only trust people will consider things after the fact and trust that a kind explanation if possible will be enough.

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      4. Just thought you would want to know I did an Op on Jer 34 about being put in the doghouse and grief and loss. Im not the best writer but I hope they help us all take ownership. So Glad you are involved in ministering to others. The opposite is really the cause of the exile.

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