Journey Update: May 2019

On one of our internet platforms, we include some information about Pathway’s reach to the world.  This is an excerpt: “The ministry of Pathway Outreach touches the lives of about 2,000 people weekly with spiritual bread and approximately 400 people weekly with physical bread.  We have affiliated and partnership ministries in five countries of the world; USA, Haiti, India, Cuba, and Pakistan.”   Even though I wrote this, I am a little overwhelmed when I read it.  I want to emphasize, we are only a tool in the hand of God and you, through your concern, prayer, and/or financial support are a participant in this mission endeavor.  Thank you!

The natural bread is distributed mainly in Haiti and India.  We feed five meals per week to the 380 students in our school in Haiti.  There are also eight widows in our church in Haiti who receive a monthly widow support.  At home in the United States during the course of the year, we supply food help through the Backpack Blessing school program and help feed some homeless individuals.

Photo Note:  The lead photo above is Pastor Reddy and his wife with the widows in one of the village churches in India with their bag of food.  The photo below is Madame Gabrielle serving the school lunch at our school in Bossier, Haiti.2019-03-14 10.20.17 - Copy

I wanted to highlight our India food distribution where we supply food distribution to about twenty village widows who attend one of the churches Pastor Reddy oversees.  They receive enough food to sustain them for about fifteen to twenty days.  Here is the typical distribution for an Indian widow:  11 pounds of rice, 1.1 pound of dahl (a split lentil, pea food ingredient), 1 quart of oil, and half dozen of eggs.  Most of them live in agricultural areas so they also have access to some vegetables and water buffalo milk.  This may not seem like much to Walmart shoppers but these poor folks know how to stretch what they have.

Pathway Outreach touches the lives of about 2000 people each week with the message of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ.  My mentor in missions, Bro. Edward Green, who fed, clothed, and educated a lot of poor people in his time, told me, “Harry, we can feed the hungry and clothe the naked for a few years of life on this earth; but if we do not share the Gospel of Christ with them, then we are just setting them up for eternity in Hell.”  Strong words for the tender ears of our time but still just as true!  We must give them the Bread from Heaven—Jesus!!

I want to thank you for sharing your bread.  Thank you for placing some of your bread (spiritual and natural) into our hands so we could pass it on to others.  “For I was hungry and you gave Me food”—Jesus (Matthew 25:35a NKJV)…

 Rejoicing in the salvation which is by grace through faith, I am…

Yours on the Journey,

Harry L. Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries


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