Known in Heaven

In the world of social media and in the nature of man, there is a desire by many to be recognized and perhaps even be famous.  Many want to become  the next YouTube hit or to have five thousand “likes” on Facebook.  Perhaps we should be more concerned about being known in Heaven.

We should not seek fame but seek to be more like Jesus and to be obedient to the purpose He has planned for us.  If we are faithful to His purpose then we will be among the known of Heaven even if we live in obscurity on earth.  For sure, God can use fame for a platform if it is used with integrity.

One of the most important aspects of our lives is to be the fulfillment of Christ’s purpose for us.  If He receives glory from the road we travel and the life we live then we are a hit in Heaven.  Whether, I am applauded or ridiculed on earth is not important but if my life gives God glory then it is fulfilled.  Seeking the fame on earth is the fleeting fancy of a fool but to be known in Heaven as a servant of God is man’s highest reward.

Engaged in the temporal work of earth outside the will of God is total failure but to be found in God’s perfect will, however large or small in men’s eyes, is to walk in the greatest fulfillment of God’s desire.  Obscurity on earth may yield one of Heaven’s greatest illumination.

My prayer:  Lord, let me walk on earth in obscurity if you so choose.  I had rather shine in Heaven than be a star on earth.  Allow my feet to walk in the dark corners of the earth so I may lead others to the glory of Your Son.  If the next generation forgets me that will be fine just as long as they know You.  Send me to the last, the least, and the lost so they will be the first, the greatest, and the known in Heaven.

–Harry Whitt

Pathway Outreach Ministries

Pastor Kolli John Supplying Widows

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